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Lincolnshire Videography

Phone: +44 7931 761808

Lincolnshire Videography are specialists in the field of wedding videography.
Our passion and dedication to creating mind blowing wedding films enriched with emotion love and excitement has seen us achieve multiple awards within the industry, with our most recent award being Best Uk Wedding Videographer 2019 in the Bride Book awards. Our style is very laid back with the utmost attention to detail. We love to capture natural and heartfelt moments using natural light and creative angles. For us its all about the love and the happiness of two people declaring their solemn love for one another, and in turn the joining of two families. We are lucky enough to capture wedding all across the Uk and abroad, for us there is simply never a bad day at the office. We get to share some of the most incredible and intimate moments with people who are truly in love, the result is a wedding film that will blow you away.

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Lee Daniels Photography

Phone: 07738 255683
Instagram: Lee Daniels Photography

In my early years nature photography was a pathway to express myself and be creative. Every spare moment I had I’d be immersed in wildlife. I travelled all over the UK and overseas mesmerised by our beautiful planet and the animals that inhabit it.

By chance, this paved the way for me to start photographing people. Something that was once quite daunting is now very enjoyable. My relaxed, patient approach soon saw me become established in the wedding industry. I look to fit into your day, mingling with guests and joking with the bridal party; I feel this benefits the outcome of your images.

Creating compositions that combine the landscape and the couple is something that personally drives me; but I never forget about those intimate, personal moments that define you and your wedding. So you can be assured you’ll receive a compelling variety of images that reflect your day as you remember it. Chasing the light at sunset gets me really excited, I’d always recommended getting out at this time of day, it gives you the chance to catch up with one another and also get some lovely images in the process.

Let’s not forget about the after party; the best part about staying late into the evening is the dance floor action! Then before I leave I aim to capture at least one unique after dark image, it’s always worth five minutes of your time, even if you are stumbling around a little, the results can be amazing.

Amanda Forman Photography

Phone: 01572 492791
Instagram: Amanda Forman Photography

You don’t have to choose between a client experience or a beautiful gallery—you can have both! I believe in providing a fully customised client experience that serves each client's unique needs while delivering jaw-dropping galleries.

Whether you’re saying “I do” right here in Irnham Hall or in the church you have been going to since you were a child, your wedding will be beautiful because it’s yours. I won’t imitate other photographers to achieve a specific “look” for your wedding gallery. Instead, I deliver one-of-a-kind galleries every time, so your wedding day will be far more true-to-you than anything you could have found on Pinterest. And you won’t have to worry about getting lost while building shot lists and timelines. I’ll help you prepare everything beforehand. And rest assured that as soon as there is a camera in my hand, I’ll blend seamlessly into your celebration.

Your day is unique to you, I will be with you from getting ready in the morning until well in to the evening to make sure we capture those all important dancefloor shots. You have chosen an incredible venue for your wedding day so let’s make sure we capture the way it felt as well as the incredible surroundings.

Olivia Johnston Photography

Phone: 07542 915481
Instagram:  Olivia Johnston Photography

Hello, I’m Olivia - a quirky wedding photographer, die-hard music lover and true crime podcast fanatic.

I'm there to capture everything naturally as your day unfolds, so you can focus on having the time of your life!

My style is very relaxed and I'm a master of blending in at weddings so that your photographs are completely natural. That's the best way to document every genuine laugh, embrace, even your uncle's unusual dance moves. My favourite part about wedding photography is getting to know my couples and joining in the fun so I don't miss a beat.

The funny thing is, I'm not a fan of having my picture taken, so I understand how it feels if you’re camera shy. Irnham Hall has endless secret spots to walk to for pictures, and your portraits are an opportunity to steal some time away together. I find the best pictures happen naturally so I won't be asking you to pose.

I'd love to hear about your plans, pop me a message or call and let's chat!

Georgi Mabee Photography

Phone: 07738 053068
Instagram:  Georgi Mabee Photography

Hi, I'm Georgi and I love photographing weddings at Irnham Hall. In fact I love it so much, I got married here myself in 2019!
I've been a full-time photographer since 2012 and have a real love for documenting weddings in a natural and creative way. My photography style is documentary and heart-felt, focusing on the moments that matter most to you. I love photos which are light, rustic and unscripted.

My work has a fairly natural edit style so your photos appear light, bright and colourful, never over-processed or forced. I want your photos to still be shining 20 years from now.
I treasure my own family photos so much and love the idea that you’ll feel the same way about the ones I take for you, for years to come. It’s a genuine honour to be trusted with your memories.